Britain's O2 Sells 13,000 IPhones per Second

Proof film that Great Britain consumers don't desire remunerative for handsets and letter respectable contract. once O2, the Great Britain rack for the new, subsidised iPhone 3G open upwards its website for pre-orders it was swamped, with 13,000 buyers striking it every second. uncalled-for to day, O2 sold away it's assignment jolly cursorily and closed up shop.

Curiously, this goes against Apple's rule which says "no pre-orders". Both O2 and the other official sales partner, Carphone Warehouse, say they kept back stock for Friday's launch. In the details given to Reuters, neither company revealed how many units they have already sold, nor which plans they are on. Remember, O2 is offering a free 8GB iPhone on the £45 per month plan, and it's pretty easy to sell out of something if it is free. Still, 13,000 per second is extraordinary, and more like a Madonna concert than a telephone launch.

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